What the iPhone 15 Ultra is likely to look like

What the iPhone 15 Ultra is likely to look like

Apple will introduce a new type of phone in 2023. In addition to the entry-level and Pro models, consumers will also have the opportunity to get their hands on an iPhone 15 Ultra this year. The replacement for the Pro Max that manages to offer that little bit extra. But will it also look different? OMT editor Jeroen Kraak tells you all about it.

Apple is clearly opting for a change in direction with the iPhone 15 Ultra. After introducing an Ultra for the Apple Watch, it now seems to be using that name for its most expensive smartphone as well. But what exactly is different?

Brand new iPhone 15 Ultra is on the way

There are many rumors surrounding the 15 Ultra. Yet the latest is a very interesting one. Namely, a dummy has leaked out, giving us a lot more to know about the device. At least, if it is a real one, which of course is always the question.

That dummy has come into the hands of YouTuber Unbox Therapy and seems to be mostly a specimen inspired by all the rumors we’ve seen passing by recently. In any case, it gives an interesting overview of what we can possibly expect.

What immediately stands out about the dummy of the iPhone 15 Ultra are the thinner screen bezels. So again, this gives you just more screen in the same size. The round edges should come as no surprise, as that has been a feature of Apple for years.

What is completely new is the USB-C port. Again, this is not very strange, which rumors have been circulating for much longer. It has to be, because this is a requirement of the European Union, so you don’t need a different cable for each phone.

The frame will be different

In the video, they additionally mention the frame of the Apple phone. This should, because it is made of titanium, be stronger than before. Of course, we also know this from the Apple Watch Ultra, which continues the line in the iPhone 15 Ultra excellently.

That frame also contains new buttons. For example, the notification control appears to have been changed to a button. In addition, the two sound buttons have been changed to one large one that allows you to turn the sound of your iPhone 15 Ultra both louder and softer.

Exactly what is changing under the hood remains to be seen. However, last year it was revealed that Apple wants to increase the difference between the regular models the Pro version. So it remains to be seen exactly what performance we can expect from the iPhone 15 Ultra.

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