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WWDC 2022: how likely is it that realityOS will see the light of day?

WWDC is mostly about new software, and WWDC 2022 seems to be focusing on the new realityOS (or rOS). This illustrious operating system from Apple is reportedly intended for the company’s upcoming AR/VR headset. Are we going to see the system at WWDC?

It’s no longer a secret that Apple is working behind the scenes on a headset for augmented and virtual reality. There are now so many rumors about it that it would be strange if this were not the case. The glasses need an operating system and according to the rumor mill, that system is called realityOS.

RealityOS pops up in patent

We’ve been hearing that for months now, with no hard evidence. That changed on Sunday, as a patent for realityOS then surfaced. The system is intended for “portable computer hardware” among other things. Who registered the trademark name is not known, but the odds are pretty good that it is Apple.

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It cannot be a coincidence that the “realityOS” trademark owned by a company that seemingly doesn’t exist and is specifically for “wearable computer hardware” is being filed around the world on June 8, 2022 +

– Parker Ortolani (@ParkerOrtolani) May 29, 2022

This is evidenced, for example, by the fact that the so-called “Foreign Filing Date” is set for June 8, right after WWDC 2022. Apple sometimes sets that date to two days after the developer conference, so that can hardly be a coincidence. In addition, Apple surrendered the patents in December 2021. Shortly thereafter, the name “realityOS” popped up in the company’s code.

WWDC 2022: realityOS on the way?

The company that filed for this patent is Realityo Systems LLC. This is a – as far as we know – non-existent company, which Apple may be using as a diversionary tactic. Apple does that too sometimes, to avoid leaking such news early. But there is a pattern in that kind of behavior at some point, and patterns you can recognize.

Because the date mentioned in the patent is so close to WWDC 2022, there is now a belief that Apple will announce the realityOS during the developer conference. So there is a very good chance that we will get to see the system there for the first time. The conference starts next June 6; so we don’t have long to wait.

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