Old iPhone prototypes fetch half a million dollars today

Old iPhone prototypes fetch half a million dollars today

The iPhone has been on sale for fifteen years since this week. To celebrate, YouTuber Luke Miani shows some prototypes of the first version that was in stores. Prototypes that are worth an incredible amount of money today.

Of all the prototypes Miani shows in his video, two steal the show. These are two models that have a market value of half a million dollars at the time of writing. Sorry!!!

Half a million dollars for iPhone prototypes

It’s a lot of money, but the prototypes Luke Miani has in his hands are also very special. The first iPhone was sold as of June 29, 2007. The model shown by the YouTuber is a prototype dating back to 2006. A year earlier than the official launch, that is.

Not all models look the same, which makes the video fun to watch. Miani has models in hand that look a lot like the final product, but also goes to work on prototypes that have clearly undergone a few more metamorphoses. One has screen edges that are not yet finished, the other a screen made of plastic.

It’s a fun video to watch, so we’re not going to say too much about it. You can watch it via the embed below:

Lots of money for iconic Apple products

Spending half a million dollars for a prototype iPhone is crazy, but it’s certainly not the first time something like this has happened. More often in the past, Apple products have been sold for gigantic sums. Consider, for example, an Apple I computer with Steve Wozniak’s signature. This was recently sold for over three tons. You can read about it in the article below:

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