Samsung develops new powerhouse with removable battery

Samsung develops new powerhouse with removable battery

Samsung will soon announce a brand new smartphone at an event to be held on July 13. The smartphone in question will have a feature that we haven’t seen in smartphones for a long time. The device we are talking about in this case is the Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro.

The Galaxy Xcover line is not Samsung’s most popular smartphone line, so that’s why it doesn’t appear in the news that often. But the Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro has a special feature, which the South Korean company accidentally leaks itself online. This is done via the device’s manual, which can already be found online. The Xcover line consists of so-called ruggedized phones. These are extra rugged so that they can withstand almost all conditions.

Samsung manual reveals details

In the manual of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro, we see the model number confirmed, among other things: SM-G736B. The biggest news, however, is that the device features a removable battery. The booklet contains images and instructions on how to remove and install the old and a new battery.

Samsung manualChanging the battery (Image: Samsung)

Smartphones today don’t offer these kinds of features anymore, whereas it was quite normal, say, ten or fifteen years ago. By the way, this is not the only part that makes the Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro an interesting device. Because reportedly this model has a Snapdragon 778G processor under the hood.

Most powerful smartphone

While that is (a very capable) midrange processor, it is also true that the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro will soon be the most powerful smartphone with a removable battery. With that, the company takes over from Dutch company Fairphone, which offers the Snapdragon 750G in its device.

Furthermore, the the Xcover 6 Pro gets two customizable hardware buttons and a headphone jack (also options that we find less often). The fingerprint scanner is located in the power button and there is also a micro SD card slot. On July 13, Samsung will announce this new device; we will undoubtedly hear more then.

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