1672972519 401 Why all Android phones get this fine iPhone feature

Why all Android phones get this fine iPhone feature

Of course, there are quite a few similarities between the iPhone and Android phones. Yet there are also many differences. One is the way of charging, but that difference is coming to an end.

Do you have an iPhone? Then you know you can charge the phone via MagSafe. You stick the charger on the back of it, so to speak, by means of a magnet, which keeps it in place. With Android, this will soon be possible as well.

This iPhone feature is coming to Android

When Apple first came out with MagSafe, many people looked at the company with skepticism. Was a magnet in the iPhone really such a big addition? Since then, the feature has become unmissable. Not only does it charge your phone faster and more efficiently, it also helps accessories you “stick” to your phone stay in place better.

In short, it’s a feature that many Android users had to miss, but that’s coming to an end. The Wireless Power Consortium, which sets standards for wireless charging, has created a new magnetic charging profile. It is based on MagSafe from the iPhone and therefore works fine with Apple products as well.

That new MagSafe standard will soon go by the name Qi2. Because it will be a new charging standard, it is almost certain that all Android phones will get this feature. By the way, this does not only apply to phones, but also to other gadgets. Most likely, the standard will go into effect in 2024.

MagSafe Apple iphone 12The MagSafe Duo. (Image: Apple)

Benefits for MagSafe on all devices

Still, there are differences. The current Qi on Android supports up to 15W, while MagSafe on iPhone has to make do with 7.5W. That may be why Apple is also going to increase the speeds of its charging products. By the way, third-party accessories may already be above that 7.5W. It is still unknown what speed Qi2 supports.

The iPhone’s magnet has several advantages. For example, it does not require a flat surface to charge properly and can also support various other gadgets. So it is an interesting feature for Android users.

By the way, this is also good news for iPhone owners. In all likelihood, many more third-party chargers can be used. Moreover, it would be convenient if you can use a charger for both iPhone and Android.