App Store Pearls Pillow makes you sleep better

App Store Pearls: Pillow makes you sleep better

The editors of One More Thing fly across the Internet every day to bring you the cutest apps in the App Store. Ideal for your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. Today OMT editor Jeroen Kraak tells you all about Pillow, the app that helps you sleep better.

We humans are all different, of course, but if there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s sleep. There’s really no getting away from that. A good night’s sleep is incredibly important, but sometimes it’s also damn hard to get it done. Pillow, which can be found in the App Store, helps you out.

Sleep better with Pillow

There are all sorts of reasons why you don’t sleep well. Of course, it could be that you are experiencing stress, or simply have been drinking too much caffeine. Still, it pays to take a good look at your sleep and analyze it. For that, you have several apps that can do that for you, but Pillow from the App Store is one of the best.

Most sleep trackers you use through your Apple Watch. So can Pillow, but the great thing is that this app works for you even if you don’t have an Apple Watch. In fact, this App Store Pearl can also be used with just an iPhone. To do this, you place the phone on the mattress near your pillow.

Pillow Apple Watch iPhoneBoth on the iPhone and the Apple Watch. (Image: Pillow)

Pillow monitors the different stages of sleep throughout the night. This App Store Pearl notes when you are resting and how restful this phase is. Moreover, it can even record snoring and sleep apnea.

Find it on the App Store here

Because Pillow records your sleep, this App Store Pearl can specifically wake you up at the lightest time in your sleep phase. This way you feel less sleepy when you get up and can start your day extra fresh, which is of course darn convenient. That way you’re not hanging out in the shower half sleepy to wake up.

In short, Pillow is the ideal app to improve your sleep or if you’re just curious about your sleep habits. You can download the app from the App Store here.

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