Many websites may soon be unreachable on Chrome and Firefox

Firefox 103 takes full advantage of ProMotion screen MacBook

Mozilla has rolled out a new version of its Firefox browser. Version 103 offers an improved user experience for consumers who have a display with a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher.

So on Apple’s side, the update is of particular interest to the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. Both versions feature a ProMotion display.

Firefox takes full advantage of ProMotion

For some time now, Apple’s ProMotion technology has not only been found in the iPad Pro. Since last year, not only is the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) equipped, but also the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBooks carry the feature. However, the rollout of the feature on the latter has been considerably less successful than on the former.

Firefox mac iPad iPhone redesignFirefox is sleeker than ever (Image: Firefox)

In Safari, many users experienced problems such as choppiness and jelly scrolling. The problems are considerably less, but the feature is not yet completely perfect. In that respect, it is good to know that from now on you have an alternative. Mozilla introduces an improved user experience with Firefox version 103. The browser takes full advantage of your MacBook’s 120Hz ProMotion display.


What is ProMotion?

ProMotion is a technology that can double the refresh rate of your display as before. The image moves across the screen a lot smoother, as it were, which makes for a pleasant user experience. You notice this especially when scrolling on a web page or playing games.

Response time and font sizes

Firefox version 103, by the way, brings more improvements. For example, Mozilla has also made the browser’s response time, at times when the CPU is heavily loaded, faster. According to the release notes, the browser does this by making use of a modern lock API.

Adjusting font sizes has also become easier, by the way. From now on you can freely change the size of subtitles in a PiP (picture-in-picture) screen. These subtitles are also supported on more platforms. Think of DailyMotion, Funimation, Hotstar and Sony LIV.

Download Firefox 103 or learn more about the update? You can find more information on Mozilla’s website.

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