Many websites may soon be unreachable on Chrome and Firefox

Many websites may soon be unreachable on Chrome and Firefox

It could just be that major websites, including your favorites, will soon stop working. At least, if you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. So announces Mozilla today.

The company behind the popular browser warns users about an upcoming update. This update could well throw a spanner in the works.

Google Chrome and Firefox without major websites?

So Mozilla is warning its users about upcoming updates. The company behind Firefox announces that its browser is slowly but surely heading towards version 100. At this moment version 97 is running and only three updates are needed to reach version 100. Google Chrome is also ready for that version and is even closer. Google’s browser is currently running on version 98.

The reason Firefox and Google Chrome are in trouble has purely to do with that number. According to Mozilla, when version 100 arrives, major websites will no longer be able to identify the two browsers. This has to do with the fact that this number consists of not two, but three digits. As a result, your favorite websites might no longer work.

Google Chrome Face ID incognitoGoogle Chrome (Image: Pexels / Deepanker)

Currently, developers from Mozilla and Google are busy investigating the problem. For example, it already seems clear that websites of T-Mobile, Yahoo and Daimler will be affected.

A temporary solution

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are slowly but surely moving toward version 100, but they have control over how that transition will go. Developers from both, for example, are already looking at options. Not just to make the transition smooth. They are also looking at ways to pull the handbrake in time.

There is still some time before that happens, but Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have the option to temporarily hang on to version 99. This allows both browsers to give themselves some time to fix the problems before they happen.

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