Nostalgic and modern at the same time the new headphones

Nostalgic and modern at the same time: the new headphones from Skullcandy

Audio brand Skullcandy wants to give consumers more insight into the environmental impact it has with its products. Transparency, that’s the focus of the whole story. Something that obviously includes incredibly fat headphones.

The initiative is taking shape through the Transparency Series. Skullcandy transforms existing models into impressive transparent headphones in one fell swoop. Good for the environment and also a feast for the eyes, if you ask us.

Transparency is everything in new Skullcandy series

The zero’s are back and in the case of Skullcandy, that’s something to be excited about. The well-known audio brand is lifting its popular headphones and earbuds into a transparent shell. At issue are the Hesh Evo and the Jib True 2 Wireless. While the former features a bright blue design, the latter can be admired in classic green. Classic, because especially the earbuds come rolling out of the year 2000. Delightful!

The products look very nostalgic, but the idea behind them is kneiter modern. Skullcandy would like to show the consumer the environmental impact of its products. Something for which it needs help from our own cold little country.

SkullcandyBack to the zero’s (Image: Skullcandy)

Dutch touch

The help comes from the Dutch company EcoChain. This is the party that can ensure that Skullcandy’s carbon emissions are mapped. Not only to make it public, but also to minimize it as much as possible. For example, the company concludes that the emissions of the Hesh Evo are 12.14 kg and that of the Jib True 2 Wireless 5.7 kg.

Skullcandy’s website lists such information in an organized manner. Curious how that looks exactly? This link will take you to the company’s website.

What does Skullcandy do?

So we have a slightly clearer picture of what Skullcandy is doing to minimize its carbon emissions. The main point is that the company says it is constantly innovating its products.

SkullcandyBeautiful blue is not ugly (Image: Skullcandy)

In doing so, it uses packaging made from 100% recycled materials, for example. It also lets consumers return their old products, allowing the parts to be used again for new products. As icing on the cake, the company carries a Carbon Checkout program. This allows those same consumers to get home delivery of its products as climate-neutral as possible.

Good for the environment is always nice, of course, but time has taught us that consumers want especially very fat products. It has to be your taste, but as far as we are concerned the Transparency Series combines the best of both worlds.

SkullcandyGreen you must do (Image: Skullcandy)

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