1678166090 Sonos quietly throws up Dutch prices for speakers

Sonos quietly throws up Dutch prices for speakers

Are you looking for Sonos equipment? If so, you will now spend more money than before. The company has quietly raised prices in its webshop.

Sonos products are already quite expensive, of course, but things can get even pricier. In fact, the company is taking it up another notch. The Beam maker quietly raised prices this month. That means you’ll spend more money for various audio devices and accessories.

Sonos implements price increases

Sonos obviously makes beautiful speakers that wouldn’t look out of place in your living room. Whether it’s the Beam, the Sub or the Arc: it’s an enrichment for your living room. A number of products have sneakily become more expensive since the beginning of this month.

The price increase can already be seen on the brand’s webshop. Some retailers are going along with this, but others still have the same prices as before February. You would therefore do well to look around carefully if you want to buy a new Sonos product.

Sonos FiveMusic in top quality. (Image: Sonos)

Beam, Five and cables more expensive

For example, the Sonos Beam cost 499 euros before February, now it’s 549 euros on the audio brand’s site. That’s not the only gadget that has become more expensive. It also applies to the Five, which has also been increased by 50 euros. Thus, the device used to cost 599 euros, but is now 649 euros. Also, for the Move you now pay 50 euros more. That price is now at 449 euros.

Still, not all products have become more expensive. For example, the Sonos Arc remains just 999 euros. The Sub Mini has not been increased either and still costs 499 euros.

Incidentally, the price increase is not just limited to devices, as a number of accessories have also become more expensive at Sonos. For example, you now also pay more for various cables. For example, the Sonos power cable I has become more than 50 percent more expensive. First it was 25 euros, but now it’s 39 euros. The same goes for the angled power cable.

The price increases in the Netherlands are currently limited, but in the United States more products have been increased in price. There you also pay more for the Sub and, for example, banana plugs. So it may well be that these products will later still become more expensive in the Netherlands. These have already been changed:

Sonos Beam: from €499 to €549
Sonos Five: from 599 euros to 649 euros
Angled power cable: from 25 euros to 39 euros
Power cable I: from 25 euros to 39 euros

So are you looking to buy something from Sonos soon? Then keep a close eye on prices, as there may be differences.

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