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TikTok strikes again: people peel raw eggs en masse, but why?

TikTok is a platform full of strange challenges and trends. The latest trend has to do with peeling raw eggs. Right. Several videographers film themselves while engaged in that lengthy process. Viewers on TikTok devour the content like a warm bowl of scrambled eggs, with some bacon a warm pistol on the side.

In case you have no idea what’s going on, you’re not the only one. Popular TikTok’er Btypep explains the process behind peeling raw eggs in a video. The goal is to not damage the egg during the peeling process. To do this, the video maker uses all kinds of tools, including surgical tweezers.

TikTok’ers now peeling raw eggs

For some reason, videos about peeling raw eggs are getting thousands of views. And as a result, more people are switching to the trend. In the video below you can see what this is all about. You can then immediately judge for yourself if you find this interesting, so that you can then ask yourself why you find this interesting.


What’s up with this egg obsession 🥚

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CNET’s editors have spoken to at least one psychologist about this. Dr. Philip Tam says that as humans we find it exciting to anticipate, even if we already know the outcome. The buildup causes us to keep watching because it also brings with it a certain amount of suspense.

Pure catharsis

And once the moment is there – and the egg is open and exposed on screen – it creates a catharsis. That emotional purification is so compelling and captivating that we become addicted to it. The results are also quite binary: either the egg breaks or the egg stays whole. So simple things like that can keep a person engaged.

Now it remains to be seen whether this applies to you, of course. If you’re on TikTok or Instagram and you come across these videos, check with yourself what you’re doing and if this captivates you. After seeing the above video, are you still like: “what is this all about?”, then you are probably not quite the target group.