1677560599 YouTube really does work much better thanks to forgotten iPhone

YouTube really does work much better thanks to forgotten iPhone feature

If you use YouTube on your iPhone, then you know how difficult it is to scroll through a video. That little red ball is hard to grip. And then you just have to hope you end up at the right moment. It should be easier – and it turns out it is.

You know the drill. You’re watching a YouTube video and suddenly the video maker comes up with a sponsored part. You don’t care about that, so you scroll through the video like an idiot to avoid hearing the drivel. But then comes the question: at what point in the video do you step back in?

YouTube on iPhone has nifty trick

Especially when you watch on your iPhone, it can be very difficult to determine that moment. Because you don’t want to continue too far (and therefore see spoilers) or stop too early. Besides, you don’t control that red bar at the bottom of the screen very accessibly either. But TikTok’er TA Tech Tips comes up with the solution.


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Before you pull the bar quite a bit to the right, you can also swipe it up. What you will then see is an overview of still images, just like on Netflix. You then see much sooner when the camera angle changes or when someone continues in a let’s play. And then you just step back in to watch.

Tap and move on, no problem

Did you find that point? Then you tap the screen and continue watching nicely. Not everyone is aware of this trick and that’s why TA Tech Tips shares it. And that’s also why we like to bring it, because it actually improves the lives of content connoisseurs.

So, do you use YouTube on your iPhone or Android? And would like to be able to scroll through a video hassle-free? Then now you know the best way to do that.

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