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App Store Pearls: Facer is the ideal Apple Watch app for your iPhone

Every day we search for you the coolest, most useful, fun or informative apps in the App Store. This week OMT editor Dennis Mons kicks off the new column with the iPhone app Facer in which you will find lots of cool watch faces for your Apple Watch.

One of the disadvantages of the Apple Watch is that the standard amount of watch faces is rather limited. Of course, you can start tinkering with photos and such yourself, but is a much better solution in the App Store: Facer.

Facer dials for your Apple Watch in the App Store

In case you lack inspiration or are not very handy, Facer in the App Store is the ideal solution. In the app you will find a huge amount of amazing watch faces created by the community.

For example, there are an awful lot to be found with different themes. These include such great brands as Star Trek, NASA, the Smurfs and Tetris. Should you find a particular design on the App Store Pearl Facer immensely cool, you can check to see if the creator has created more. You can then start following this person.

facer, app store pearls, apple watch, iphone2Design your own watch face. (Image: Facer)

In case you can’t see the forest for the trees on the small screen of your iPhone, you can also log on to the website of this App Store Pearl. Here you will get an even faster overview of new apps and which ones are currently trending.

iPhone syncs your new watch faces in the app

If you do feel suddenly inspired after browsing Facer, you can also start designing your own dial on the site (like this Rolex, for example). First, you choose a base with the number of Complications shown. Then you can choose which one you want to add on your dial.

When you are finally satisfied, you can choose the option on the site to send it to the your app on your iPhone, which then syncs with your Apple Watch.

Facer is basically free on the App Store. However, if you want access to all watch faces, you’ll pay 2.99 a month or 17.99 a year. And if you don’t happen to have an Apple Watch and/or iPhone, don’t worry, the app is also available for WearOS and Tizen.

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