1672539046 WANT Awards 2022 the 3 best games according to editor

WANT Awards 2022: the 3 best games according to editor Jeroen Kraak

The end of the year is fast approaching. The editors of WANT again enjoyed the past year immensely with movies, series, games and technology flying around their ears. But what were the absolute best of the past year? Editor Jeroen Kraak shines his light on the best games.

I must honestly admit to not having gamed much this year. That’s mostly because my year was marked by some great travel. That doesn’t mean I just let my PlayStation, Xbox and Switch gather dust. I did get some done from time to time.

WANT Awards 2022: the best games according to Jeroen Kraak

Still, this gaming year has been one of procrastination for me. Games I am very much looking forward to are all. I very much want to play Starfield, Hogwarts Legacy and the new Zelda. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the three games below this year. Here they come.

#1 Elden Ring | Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, PC

For me, Elden Ring was my game of the year. I am so question mark tired; avn those games where you are played on the map from one icon to another and everything is drawn out for you. In Elden Ring, you have to figure everything out on your own and it gives you a huge sense of freedom.

What I also like is that Elden Ring is not too easy. I do like challenge in a game. That’s why I do like Soulslike and Roguelike games. Hence, Returnal was my favorite game last year.

OK, the graphics could be a bit better, but for me with a game, the gameplay is really the most important. Maker From Software really succeeded in that.

Elden RingElden Ring (Image: Bandai Namco)

#2 Horizon Forbidden: West | PlayStation 4/5

I played the first Horizon quite late. That’s because I didn’t find the game’s visuals that interesting. That’s because I draw machines pretty badly in games. Later when I cranked Horizon: Zero Dawn I was immediately sold.

The game’s story is just really well put together and it just plays really nicely. Also, the world is really breathtaking. I would have preferred the game to be made only for the PlayStation 5. Then Sony wouldn’t have to make any concessions in terms of features.

Horizon Forbidden WestA celebration on the PS5 (Image: Guerrilla Games)

#3 Cult of the Lamb | Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4/5, PC

This game is actually several different species in one. You have to build your own cult and fight different enemies. So at times it is a building game, while at other times it is a roguelike.

Perhaps the best thing about this indie game is its style. Never before have I seen such a cute sect.

Cult of the Lamb GamesHow cute! (Image: Devolver Digital)