5 powerful tricks to get much more out of your

5 powerful tricks to get much more out of your Apple TV

An Apple TV gives you a wonderful boost to your television, allowing you to put off buying a new one for a while. However, it’s a shame not to get the most out of the handy device. With these 5 mighty settings, you’re sure to be fine.

The Apple TV 4K 2022 is a relatively minor upgrade from its 2021 predecessor. Among other things, it features the more powerful A15 Bionic chip and has more working memory and storage. So the settings we cover below can just be used with either version.

Apple TV: 5 mighty tricks

These tricks will help you get even more out of your Apple TV. Here they come.

#1 Find out the battery life of your Siri Remote

Your Apple TV remote, also known as the Siri Remote, runs out of power over time. Fortunately, you can charge it, with the 2022 version even using a USB-C charger. It’s a good idea to put the remote on the charger on time. Go to settings and press Remotes and Devices, then Remote. That way you’ll know exactly how much battery juice is left.

Apple TVCarefree viewing of your favorite series and movies (Image: Jens Kreuter / Unsplash)

#2 Switch between apps on Apple TV at lightning speed

It’s easy to return to your Apple TV’s home screen, but did you know there’s also a handy feature that lets you switch between apps even faster? The feature is much like what you know from your iPhone or iPad. Just click twice on the Siri Remote’s home button and you’ll see a list of recently opened apps. Using the trackpad, you can switch at lightning speed.

#3 What did it say!

Did you miss what happened or what someone said on the screen? With the Siri Remote that comes with your Apple TV, you can easily go back a few seconds. Just ask Siri “What did that one say?” or say “Go back ten seconds” and the smart assistant automatically rewinds the movie or series for you. Super convenient!

#4 Use your AirPods while watching

Want to finish that one movie or series while your partner or roommate is already in bed? Apple wouldn’t be Apple if you couldn’t pair your AirPods with your Apple TV. Go to settings and open Remotes and Devices. Press Bluetooth and choose your AirPods from the list.

#5 Limit AirPlay

AirPlay is a great feature that many Apple enthusiasts are only too happy to use, but to prevent others from simply streaming content to your TV, it’s helpful to make a quick setting change. Go to settings and hit AirPlay and HomeKit. Under Give access, choose Everyone on the same network, Only people in this home or Require password. This is how you prevent the likes of you from hijacking your TV….

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