Android these 5 things almost everyone still does wrong in

Android: these 5 things almost everyone still does wrong in 2022

Android is the best known operating system for smartphones next to iOS. Although many users think they are experts, there are still a lot of things that go wrong.

These tips will not only help you take your smartphone usage to the next level, they will also protect you from major dangers. Read on and find out how to prevent short circuits and keep hackers out.

The 5 most common mistakes on Android smartphones in 2022

Below you can read five mistakes that are made daily by many Android users. Fortunately, you can often do something about them quickly to get even more enjoyment out of your smartphone.

1. You’re not using a wireless charger

Wireless chargers offer numerous advantages over a corded charger. For example, some wireless chargers charge faster than corded versions. In addition, a wireless charger protects the charging port of your Android smartphone. Charging ports are quite susceptible to wear and tear, which can easily damage them. A wireless pad ensures that your charging port is used less often and is therefore less easily damaged.

Wireless chargerWireless charging protects your charging port. (Image: Unsplash)

Wireless pads don’t have to be expensive at all. This version from MMobile is yours for only 9.99 euros.

2. You don’t do anything about the slowdown of your Android smartphone

There are still many people who think that a phone slows down due to age. This is true to a certain extent, but you yourself can do an awful lot to slow down this aging process. Many users of Android smartphones throw their phones full of apps, leaving little storage space for important processing.

If your phone is slowing down, the best way to fix this is to remove unnecessary apps. Check your device’s system options to see what apps are running in the background. In this article, we’ll explain how to do this step by step. If they are running unnecessarily in the background, turn them off. Also regularly restart your Android smartphone to refresh it. If all this does not work, consider resetting your device to the factory settings.

3. You keep your mobile’s case on while charging it

To best protect your smartphone, you should keep it in a case 24/7. However, there is one exception and that is while charging. Smartphones give off heat through their back plates. When a mobile is in the charger, this back plate gets extra warm. With a case on, this heat has no place to go. This puts you at risk of overheating your Android smartphone. Therefore, if possible, always charge your smartphone without your case.

Android smartphone chargingAlways charge your Android mobile without a case. (Image: Unsplash)

4. You don’t do any research before you buy a new Android smartphone

Many Android users like to get their hands on the latest version of a smartphone, or choose one with lots of cool features. While these models are great fun to show off to your friends, it doesn’t hurt to do more in-depth research.

Before buying a new smartphone, it is important to look at the processing power, camera quality and screen resolution. If you do good research, there is also a better chance that you will come across a cheaper variant that works just as well. So you could also save money with it.

5. You don’t back up your data

Every device breaks down at some point. Your Android smartphone is no exception to this rule. Many smartphones rely on flash memory, but flash devices are actually very susceptible to things like file corruption or hacking. Remember, if you lose your data, there is no going back.

Fortunately, you can easily prevent this by regularly backing up your data. You can do this for example on a cloud service, or via Google Drive. This way, your data will be well preserved in all cases.