Beats conspicuously puts the plug back in the Pill

Beats conspicuously puts the plug back in the Pill+

In a striking move, Apple is bringing back a Beats product that was previously pulled the plug on in 2022: the Pill+ speaker. The remarkable speaker is back from the brink due to a collaboration with NBA star Devin Booker and his company Book Projects. The speaker’s new design is based on the Sonoran desert.

Apple, as the owner of the Beats brand, announced the new version of the speaker on Twitter without too much fanfare. In the tweet, Apple mentions the basketball player, who doesn’t even mention this on his own profile. It will probably be a standard deal. Either way: the speaker is getting a new edition.

Beats Pill+ once again on sale

In the same tweet, we also see a short video introducing the new version of the Beats Pill+. We’ve embedded the tweet in this post so you can watch the footage in peace. At least the inspiration from the Sonoran desert is clear, looking at the colors and design.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

.@DevinBook and Book Projects designed a custom Pill+ speaker inspired by the Sonoran Desert 🏜🥵❤️🔥

– Beats by Dre (@beatsbydre) August 1, 2022

From the video, we further conclude that Apple, or Beats, is not making any other changes to the design or functionality. This is just the Pill+, but in a different look. The buttons are all on top of the product, so you can easily reach them when you want to turn it on or when you want to pause a song.

A big B and a big P

What immediately stands out about the design are the large B and P on either side. Those letters stand for Book Projects, the basketball player’s company. On the back we also find the logo of that company. Furthermore, we see 1/25. Possibly this means that it is a Limited Edition item.

Unfortunately, we do not know when the speaker will be available, in which countries Apple will offer it or what the product will cost. Perhaps the speaker is part of a special giveaway. We will have to wait until Apple announces more about this.

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