CES 2024 LG stunts with insane gaming monitor and

CES 2024 | LG stunts with insane gaming monitor and innovation for your electric car

LG Display, ahead of CES 2024, is already secretly giving a sneak peek. In the future, your electric car should also serve as a driving cinema, and your gameroom will have an impressive display. How cool is that!

CES 2024, the world’s largest technology trade show, kicks off again Sunday in Las Vegas. Some companies are waiting until that day to announce new products, while others are already hinting at them.

LG takes the crown in this regard. In addition to wanting to turn your entire electric car into a driving movie theater, they are also launching a 480 Hz monitor. Excuse me!

LG turns your electric car into a driving movie theater

LG Display is introducing new displays for electric cars at CES 2024. In doing so, it is not only contributing to the full transition to Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs), but also ensuring that passengers have plenty of entertainment on the road.

Where the dashboard will feature P-OLED screens, the other screens will be OLED. Smart, because under the influence of daylight, such displays can sometimes be difficult to read.


What are SDVs?

SDVs is an abbreviation for Software Defined Vehicles. Such electric cars can provide an enhanced driving experience or customize a car’s operation through software updates.

This doesn’t just apply to front-end screens, by the way. LG Display also plans to introduce the public to more foldable and retractable screens during CES 2024. For example, passengers in the back seat can view content on screens that roll out of the roof, to give just one example.

As LG Display relies on the transition to SDVs, it is not yet clear exactly what they intend to do with certain screens. The functionality of such displays can be changed with software updates.

Questioning innovation

The first question that comes to mind is what impact an interior full of OLED screens will have on the range of your electric car. In a world where air conditioning and seat heating already have significant impact, I personally question the wisdom of watching full-length movies on the road.

Moreover, I am curious how drivers can be protected from potential distractions. LG Display indicates that the passenger’s entertainment screen can be turned away from the driver, for example, but if my entire electric car is filled with sound from Harry Potter, I would probably still be a bit distracted.

CES 2024: LG’s 480 Hz monitor for gamers

Although not quite intended for consumers yet, LG Display wants to impress gamers as well. At CES 2024, we are introduced to a 27-inch OLED monitor with a 480 Hz refresh rate.

In case you didn’t already know: that’s pretty fast. In fact, it’s so fast that the 240 Hz screen you may have bought last year may seem a bit disappointing.


Not for consumers?

The monitor is from LG Display and not from mainstream LG. That seems like a small difference, but it has great significance for whom the product is intended. While you might get excited about the monitor, LG Display’s main intention is to get other manufacturers interested in the screen so they can integrate it into their own products.

LG Display’s QHD (2560×1440) monitor, however, is special for several reasons. In addition to a response time of 0.3 ms, which the company says is faster than any other panel, it also emits less blue light than any other screen.

Exactly what this is due to and what it means in practice, we will find out at CES 2024. We will, of course, be at the event this year.

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