Update Pixelmator Pro introduces improved photo browser

Update Pixelmator Pro introduces improved photo browser

Last week a brand new version of Pixelmator Pro, a program that lets you edit images on macOS, was released. It concerns version 2.4.3, which concentrates on optimizing synchronizations, among other things. In addition, attention is paid to tweaks regarding the coloring of images.

The latest version of Pixelmator Pro has a redesigned Photos Browser, which has access to improved support for iCloud. In addition, looking up photos from now on should also be better and smoother than before. In short, the use of the app has improved.

Download the update for Pixelmator Pro

Within the Photos app you will find new collections in the form of Recents, Favorites, Panoramas, Selfies and Screenshots. These are next to the folders that you create yourself, so you won’t lose anything with them. In addition, Pixelmator Pro automatically makes changes you make in the Photos app on the Mac.

PixelmatorPixelmator Image: Pixelmator, editing: OMT

Also, when you open photos from iCloud, Apple’s cloud service, they are automatically downloaded in full resolution. Furthermore, users can count on new optimizations for colors and editing different layers. This gives you more control over your edits.

More control over your work

Colors of shapes and the Color Pill effect can be changed and accessed directly from the Layers sidebar. All you have to do is click twice on the thumbnail. Also, updated colors can be quickly converted to a new layer, in the form of a custom color.

Finally, Pixelmator Pro addresses minor software bugs with this update and there is better support for PSD and SVG files. You can download the update directly from the App Store. The update is free for existing users. If you don’t already have the app, it costs a one-time fee of 39.99 euros.

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